You Asked

Don’t you mean Ketchup with my Fries

Nope.  I’m not quite sure if my mother downed ketchup while bearing me or if there’s crack somewhere in the ingredients but I’ve always been hooked on ketchup.  Two parts ketchup – one part French fry.  I used to drown my fries in ketchup… so much that people would always say to me “want some fries with that ketchup?!”

Who is the Matador?

 The Matador is my best friend and husband.  He’s also my little monster’s papa.  Why do I call him the Matador?  He runs an art blog called the Creative Matador… named after his alias.  After time, it just sort of stuck and now everyone knows him as the Matador.

Why do you use so many ellipses in your writing?

I try to write conversationally as how I’d speak if you were in front of me.  I’m not sure about you but I don’t have hard stops after I express a thought.  I have pauses before continuing with my next one.  I find that ellipses are useful to indicate a pause in the flow of a sentence, and to keep things more informal.  So for all you grammar freaks, cut me some slack.