Chocolate and Raspberry Wonton Parcels

Do you ever get a sweet tooth and start scrambling around the kitchen looking for anything remotely sweet to curb the craving?  That was me.  Sadly, there was nothing remotely sweet laying around except for a jar of granulated sugar.  The thought had crossed my mind, trust me… but what kind of barbaric sucrose chaser would I have been??  What was a girl to do?  Google.  Google is the answer to everything.  I started searching for quick-and-easy dessert recipes as I wanted my sweets and I wanted it now! Then! Whenever this was!  Scroll… scroll… scroll… “Chocolate and Raspberry Wonton Parcels” – what?  Mixing Nutella with raspberries and encasing them in wonton… genius!  To make a short story shorter, I ventured to World Market for some Nutella and stopped by the local grocerer for some fresh berries and wonton.  Result - warm and crispy cholocatey raspberry yumminess!

We made these for some friends some night ago.  A few minutes later I came back with the second batch to replenish only to find just a few traces of confectioners sugar.  Easy crowd to please!